Safe payment - QCK&J


Purchases made on the online store are safe and guaranteed. Online payments pass through the Paypal gateway and are completely devoid of any risk. 

Payment information is encrypted while being transmitted and managed directly by Paypal. In no case will ever know about the credit card number, nor will it process or retain the data provided on its systems. will only receive communication of the positive outcome of the transaction.

Security Certificates

To ensure maximum security when purchasing, payment information over the Internet is encrypted by SSL (SecureSocketLayer) protocol.

Standard SSL (SecureSocketLayer) technology enables potentially confidential information to be encrypted, such as your name and address, and other important confidential information such as credit card details. The information exchanged between your computer and the online pharmacy cannot be read or copied, if they are intercepted by someone.

This technology includes the following functions:

  • Authentication: assures your browser that the data is sent to the right server, and that the server is secure;
  • Encryption: the data is encoded so that it can only be read by the secure server;
  • Data Integrity: Data is checked during their transfer, to ensure that they cannot be altered.

Additional information

If you have any doubts and to ask for more information on the current payment methods on please send an email to